Fudge Flavours
Our Gourmet Fudge is made from the finest ingredients. We use locally sourced and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. All of our fudges are gluten and preservative free. Peruse through our delicious range of flavours, we are sure that you will find some old favourites and some new flavours to tempt you.

Traditional Vanilla
The creamy taste of Vanilla makes this flavour one of our best sellers

Soft and creamy Caramel fudge. Another decadently indulgent original flavour.

Chocolate Indulgence
Calling all Chocoholics!! You will adore the smooth rich flavour of “Double” chocolate fudge.

Triple Special
Can’t decide between your favourite traditional fudges? Why not try our triple special which combines all three mouthwatering Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate flavours

Rum and Raisin
A taste of the Caribbean; Soft raisins mixed into Rum infused fudge

Coffee and Walnut
Coffee lovers will love this rich indulgent fudge which combines coffee with chunks of Walnut.

Strawberry and Cream
What could be more British than Strawberries and Cream? Strawberry flavoured fudge swirled with creamy Vanilla makes a beautiful Summer flavour.

Raspberry Ripple
Our own speciality flavour, velvety vanilla fudge combined with raspberry preserve makes this a must for fudge lovers everywhere.

Mint Chocolate Swirl
Just the thing for a refreshing after dinner treat. Crisp mint blended with the smoothness of Chocolate.

Vanilla Chocolate Swirl
A perennial favourite and a match made in heaven of two of our most popular flavours

Chocolate Orange Swirl
Our Chocolate and Orange flavours infuse to make a truly irresistible combination.

Malted Milk Balls
Another family favourite. Vanilla fudge packed with succulent Malted Milk Balls.

Irish Cream Liqueur
Be naughty!! Try our delicious Fudge which is infused with that rich creamy taste of a popular Irish Liqueur.